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Our collection of free episodes is a great place to start learning Elixir. You'll get an introduction to essential features of Elixir like pattern matching, Plug, and GenServer.

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Intro to Elixir Functions

If you want to get started using Elixir, but don’t know where to begin - this is a great place to start. We’ll dive into how to create and call named and anonymous functions in Elixir.

Intro to GenServer

Jump into the Elixir GenServer module. In this episode we’ll get started using GenServer to create a simple shopping list module that can we can use to add, remove, and view our groceries.

Intro to Function Plugs

Plug is an essential tool when building web applications in Elixir. In this episode we’ll dive into function plugs by building one and using it in an existing Phoenix application.

Intro to Module Plugs

In this episode we’ll get an intro to module plugs in Elixir. We’ll take an existing function plug and convert it into a module plug - highlighting the difference between the two.

Pattern Matching in Elixir

Pattern matching is one of the fundamental features of Elixir. In this episode we get a simple introduction to it and some of the ways it’s used in Elixir.

Intro to Agents

Elixir Agents are used to manage state. In this episode we’ll learn how we can use an Agent to update and retrieve some state of our own.

Elixir Control Flow

In this episode we’ll learn about three different control structures in Elixir: if/else, case, and cond. If you’re new to Elixir or just learning programming this is a great episode to start with.

Elixir Guards

In this episode we take a look at guards and how we can use them in Elixir. We’ll start by using guards with functions to see how they work. Then we’ll extract them into custom guards with defguard.