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Quench it by joining the Alchemist's Edition. You'll get access to our full catalog of Elixir and Phoenix screencasts - currently we have 4 hours and 51 minutes of content, with more added every month.

Learn Elixir with us, one episode at a time. Here are a few of the topics you'll get access to:

Concurrency with Task.async_stream

In this episode we’ll update an existing Elixir application to make it use a Stream throughout. Then we’ll see how we can use Task.async_stream to make concurrent API calls.

CSV with Elixir

In this episode we’ll learn the basics of working with CSV files in Elixir. We’ll parse and existing CSV to get specific data from it. We’ll also learn how to build a new CSV file.

Access an FTP

In this episode we’ll create a new Mix project to interact with an FTP server. We’ll learn how to connect to the server, change directories, download and upload files.

Supervisors in Elixir 1.5

Ready to dig into Supervisors? In this episode we’ll get introduced to them by updating an existing supervisor and its corresponding worker to use the Elixir 1.5 syntax.

File Uploads with Arc

If you’ve needed to upload and transform images in your Phoenix application this episode’s for you. We’ll use Arc to create multiple versions of our files and upload them to Amazon S3.

Accepting Payments with Stripe

In this episode we’ll learn how to accept payments using Stripe. We’ll integrate Stripe Checkout into an existing Phoenix application in order to easily accept payment and shipping information.

How often are new episodes released?

New episodes are released every month. We do our best to keep it consistent at 1 episode every week. The schedule alternates between free episodes and episodes you can only watch by joining the Alchemist's Edition.

What does it cost?

For $10/month you'll get access to even more Elixir content. You'll also be supporting ElixirCasts as we continue to produce high quality Elixir and Phoenix screencasts.

Why charge money?

Making quality content is a significant investment. Your support will help us continue to produce fresh Elixir content on a regular basis.

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