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Phoenix LiveView Tutorial

Let’s build an application, together!

Dive into the world of real-time web applications with this comprehensive Phoenix LiveView Tutorial.

In this series we’ll build a game using Phoenix LiveView to create our own version of the popular word-guessing game, Wordle.

Perfect for both beginners and experienced Elixir developers, this tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to leverage the power of Phoenix LiveView for building dynamic, interactive web applications.

A huge thanks to James Westbrook for working with me to adapt his Wordle game into this tutorial.

  • 13 episodes, totaling 1 hour and 32 minutes!
  • Craft a dynamic, real-time Wordle-clone web application using Phoenix LiveView.
  • Deepen your understanding of Phoenix LiveView's architecture and capabilities.
  • Acquire valuable Elixir programming skills applicable to a variety of web applications.
  • Create an interactive, user-friendly game!

Included with the Alchemist's Edition

Hands-On Learning
Follow along as we build a Wordle-clone, learning the intricacies of Phoenix LiveView in a practical, project-based approach.
From Basics to Advanced
Begin with basic setup and gradually dive into advanced concepts, including game mechanics and implementing real-time features.
Real-Time Web Features
Master the art of real-time communication in web apps, learning how to handle events, manage state, and update the UI seamlessly.
Interactive Gameplay Mechanics
Learn to implement game logic, handle user inputs, validate guesses, and provide instant feedback, all in real-time.
Custom Hooks and Animations
Dive into custom LiveView JavaScript hooks for enhanced interactivity, adding animations, and improving the overall user experience.
Responsive Design Techniques
Ensure your application looks great on all devices with responsive design strategies using Tailwind CSS.

Episodes in this Phoenix LiveView course

Can I buy multiple copies for my team?

Absolutely! Email hello at to get started.

What versions of Phoenix and LiveView does this tutorial use?

Elixir 1.15, Phoenix 1.7, and LiveView 0.20

Do I need to know Elixir and Phoenix?

You’ll want to have a basic understanding of Elixir and Phoenix, but this tutorial is great for anyone who’s excited to build applications with Phoenix LiveView.