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Validating API Parameters Part 1

In this episode we’ll see how we can validate API parameters . We’ll take a simple search API and use schemaless Ecto changesets to validate the request parameters.

Erlang Term Storage - ETS

In this episode we’re getting started with Erlang Term Storage or ETS. We’ll learn the basics of storing data with ETS, then we’ll expand on that to see how ETS can be used in a Phoenix application.

Basic Auth

HTTP Basic Authentication is a simple way to add authenticate users in an application. In this episode we’ll see how to add basic auth to an Elixir application.

Intro to Elixir Streams

In this episode we’ll get an introduction to Elixir Streams. We’ll see why they’re called “lazy enumerables” and how they can be composed to perform more complex transformations.

Updating Page Data with Channels

In this episode we’ll see how we can easily use Phoenix Channels to broadcast events from the server in order to update the client in realtime.

Receiving Webhooks

In this episode we’ll learn how to consume a webhook. Our application will take the data from a Stripe webhook and use it update the corresponding user.

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