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Custom Mix Task

You’ll use Mix tasks all the time when using Elixir, from creating a new Elixir project to seeding the database. In this episode we’ll learn how to create a custom Mix task.

Getting Started with Tasks

In this episode we’ll be exploring one of the key features of Elixir: tasks. Tasks make it easy to run Elixir code concurrently. In this episode we’ll look at some common ways Task is used.

Twitter Authentication

In this episode we’ll be adding the ability for users to sign in to a Phoenix web application with Twitter. We’ll use Ueberauth to help us handle the OAuth flow to and from Twitter.

Getting State from a GenServer

In this episode we’ll explore how we can separate the client API of a GenServer from its server callbacks. This can be a good idea to help break GenServer modules up as they become more complex.

Using Plug to Secure Routes

Now that we’ve created our ‘Order History’ pages, we need to make sure only the respective customers are able to view their order history. We’ll use Plug to help us do this.

Completing Order History and Receipt Pages

In this episode we’ll build on the foundation we setup in part 1. We’ll populate our ‘order history’ and ‘receipt’ pages with actual data and make them accessible to our customers.

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