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#86: API Authorization with API Keys Part 2

In episode 85 - the first part of this series - we setup our application to allow users to create an API key. Now that we can create API keys, we want to restrict access to our existing API unless an API key is used. To perform this check, let’s create a plug…

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Alchemist's Edition

#107: Shopping Cart Part 1

There are many ready-made ecommerce solutions, but sometimes you need to write your own. In this episode we’ll start building custom shopping cart functionality into an existing application with OTP.

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#106: Intro to Structs

In this episode we’ll get an introduction to Elixir structs. Great for anyone just getting started with Elixir.

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#105: How to Create Nested Phoenix Templates

By default, Phoenix doesn’t precompile templates in nested directories. In this episode we’ll see how we can update Phoenix to let us use templates in nested directories.

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