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#79: Caching with Cachex

Caching can be essential piece of keeping your application fast. In this episode we’ll look how we can using caching to reduce the number of database queries in an existing Elixir application.

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#81: Building Structs from External Data

Here we’ll see how structs can be used to format data. We’ll start with an introduction to structs and then explore different ways to map external data to a struct, including using the ExConstructor package.

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Alchemist's Edition

#80: Proactive Caching

In this episode we’ll use proactive caching with Cachex. Proactive caching can help ensure there is never a cache miss since data is loaded when the application starts.

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#78: Phoenix Contexts

Phoenix contexts are modules that group associated functionality. To see how they work, we’ll build a simple blog with comments. This is a great episode for anyone new to Phoenix or wanting to see how contexts work.

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