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#104: Generating RSS Feeds with Elixir

Here we have site called the Music Blog and it has some reviews for a bunch of different albums. We don’t want to make people keep coming back to our site to see when a new album review is live, so in this episode let’s implement a feed for our website.

When implementing a feed you’ll need to choose whether to create an Atom or an RSS feed. For this episode we’ll be creating an Atom feed. To help us create our Atom feed …

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In part 2 of this series we’ll add to our existing shopping cart by allowing users to remove items from their existing carts.

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There are many ready-made ecommerce solutions, but sometimes you need to write your own. In this episode we’ll start building custom shopping cart functionality into an existing application with OTP.

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#106: Intro to Structs

In this episode we’ll get an introduction to Elixir structs. Great for anyone just getting started with Elixir.

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