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#28: Moving to Elixir Part 4

With our URLs working, we’ll spend part 4 working on some interface improvements. We’ll add pagination for our cars. Then we’ll use Ecto to ensure that we’re only displaying the cars we want to. We’ll then add some helper functions that can be used in our templates. Subscribe to the Alchemist's Edition to watch

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#106: Intro to Structs

In this episode we’ll get an introduction to Elixir structs. Great for anyone just getting started with Elixir.

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#105: How to Create Nested Phoenix Templates

By default, Phoenix doesn’t precompile templates in nested directories. In this episode we’ll see how we can update Phoenix to let us use templates in nested directories.

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Alchemist's Edition

#104: Generating RSS Feeds with Elixir

In this episode we’ll take an existing Elixir Phoenix application and build an Atom feed for it. To build the feed we’ll use the Atomex package.

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