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#101: OTP backed Web Application Part 3

In part 2 of this series we updated our application to allow us to add different cryptocurrencies and have their prices tracked and updated. Because all of our coin data is stored in a GenServer, if we needed to restart the server. When we go back to the browser and refresh the page - our coin data is lost.

In this episode let’s update our application so that when a new coin is added from the UI, it’s saved in the database and then loaded when our application starts.

The first thing we’ll do is …

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#110: Job Processing with Oban

Oban is a job processing library that uses Postgres. In this episode we’ll add Oban to an existing Elixir project and use it to move some work to the background.

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#109: DynamicSupervisor and Registry

In this episode we’ll pick up where we left off in #108 and refactor our application to create a process for each user shopping cart. To do this we’ll use DynamicSupervisor and Elixir’s Registry.

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#108: Shopping Cart Part 2

In part 2 of this series we’ll add to our existing shopping cart by allowing users to remove items from their existing carts.

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