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#107: Shopping Cart Part 1

Here we have a store application that let’s us buy different albums that are listed for sale. When we sign into the application we can view the albums - and then on each album page we have a link that we can use to add the album to our shopping cart.

In this episode let’s update our application to add the cart functionality so that when we click this link the album is added to our shopping cart.

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Alchemist's Edition

#109: DynamicSupervisor and Registry

In this episode we’ll pick up where we left off in #108 and refactor our application to create a process for each user shopping cart. To do this we’ll use DynamicSupervisor and Elixir’s Registry.

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Alchemist's Edition

#108: Shopping Cart Part 2

In part 2 of this series we’ll add to our existing shopping cart by allowing users to remove items from their existing carts.

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#106: Intro to Structs

In this episode we’ll get an introduction to Elixir structs. Great for anyone just getting started with Elixir.

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