Elixir and Phoenix Screencasts

#17: Benchmarking with Benchee

How can you determine the performance of two pieces of code that have the same output? Benchmarking is the answer and Benchee is a great benchmarking framework for Elixir.

#16: Upgrading to Phoenix 1.3

Phoenix 1.3 represents a major shift in how to build and think about Elixir Phoenix applications. In this episode learn how to upgrade an existing Phoenix application to 1.3.

#15: Sending Email with Bamboo Part 2

We pick up where we left off in Part 1 of Sending Email with Bamboo. In this episode we add an email template and show how you can use Bamboo to compose multiple emails.

#14: Sending Email with Bamboo Part 1

Sending email from an Elixir app is a common problem and Bamboo makes it easy. In this episode we’ll get started by using Bamboo to trigger a simple email from our application.

#13: Custom Error Pages in Phoenix

Creating custom error pages helps give your application a consistent feel - even when something goes wrong. In this episode we’ll customize the 404 and 500 error pages in a Phoenix application.

#12: Intro to GenServer

Jump into the Elixir GenServer module. In this episode we’ll get started using GenServer to create a simple shopping list module that can we can use to add, remove, and view our groceries.

#11: Documentation with ExDoc

Learn how to create documentation for an Elixir project with ExDoc. We’ll add documentation to an existing Elixir module and include doctests.

#10: Intro to Elixir Functions

If you want to get started using Elixir, but don’t know where to begin - this is a great place to start. We’ll dive into how to create and call named and anonymous functions in Elixir.

#9: Elixir Job Processing with Exq

The Exq library is a great option if you need a Redis backed job processing library. In this episode we’ll walk through setting up Exq as well as the corresponding ExqUI library.