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#90: Nested Forms with Phoenix

In this episode let’s update our form we use to create albums so that the associated “album_metadata” record is created as well. To do this we’ll create a nested form using…

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Alchemist's Edition

#89: Phoenix LiveView Part 3

In part 3 of our series we’ll broadcast album changes to all clients using Phoenix Presence and Phoenix LiveView.

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#88: Phoenix LiveView Part 2

In part 2 we’ll use Phoenix LiveView event bindings to dynamically render a form and save changes to the database. Our form will be validated using a changesets coming from LiveView.

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#87: Phoenix LiveView Part 1

In part 1 we get started by installing Phoenix LiveView and setting it up to work with an existing Elixir Phoenix application. Then we’ll update a page to render data using LiveView.

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