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#89: Phoenix LiveView Part 3

In episode 88 we used Phoenix LiveView to update our album summary. Now that our users can change the summary of an album from the album’s index page, let’s update our application so that when the album is changed, any other users who may be looking at our albums are notified of the updates in realtime. To do this we’ll use Phoenix. PubSub.

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#112: Deploying with Gigalixir (Revised)

Gigalixir is a Platform as a Service built for Elixir. In this revised episode we’ll see how easy it is to deploy an application to Gigalixir.

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#111: Session Testing with Elixir

Often when testing Phoenix controllers you’ll need to initialize the session with data. In this episode we’ll learn how to do just that using the Plug.Test module.

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#110: Job Processing with Oban

Oban is a job processing library that uses Postgres. In this episode we’ll add Oban to an existing Elixir project and use it to move some work to the background.

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