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#89: Phoenix LiveView Part 3

In episode 88 we used Phoenix LiveView to update our album summary. Now that our users can change the summary of an album from the album’s index page, let’s update our application so that when the album is changed, any other users who may be looking at our albums are notified of the updates in realtime. To do this we’ll use Phoenix.Presence.

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#90: Nested Forms with Phoenix

In this episode we’ll explore one way to use Phoenix to create a nested form that saves an associated record in our database.

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#88: Phoenix LiveView Part 2

In part 2 we’ll use Phoenix LiveView event bindings to dynamically render a form and save changes to the database. Our form will be validated using a changesets coming from LiveView.

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#87: Phoenix LiveView Part 1

In part 1 we get started by installing Phoenix LiveView and setting it up to work with an existing Elixir Phoenix application. Then we’ll update a page to render data using LiveView.

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