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#76: Validating API Parameters Part 1

In this episode let's see how we can validate data that doesn't have an associated schema. To start let's take a quick look at the application we'll be using. Here we have a Phoenix API search route that our users can use to query for an album that's in our database. When a new request is made, we want to validate the params so that we can lookup an album and return it... Join to Subscribe

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#78: Phoenix Contexts

Phoenix contexts are modules that group associated functionality. To see how they work, we’ll build a simple blog with comments. This is a great episode for anyone new to Phoenix or wanting to see how contexts work.

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Alchemist's Edition

#77: Validating API Parameters Part 2

In this episode we’ll explore another way to validate API params. We’ll update our existing example to use the Params package, which reduces much of the boilerplate of defining Ecto schemas and changesets.

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#75: Upgrading to Phoenix 1.4

In this episode we’ll look at how we can upgrade a Phoenix application to use the new Phoenix 1.4 release.

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