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#77: Validating API Parameters Part 2

In [episode 76]( we saw one way of validating our API request parameters with Ecto changesets. While using schemaless Ecto changesets in this way is a great way to provide validation, I wanted to take a look at another way of doing this, using the [Params]( package. Params is a simple wrapper around Ecto.Schema that helps you reduce a lot of the boilerplate of defining Ecto schema's and changesets. Join to Subscribe

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#78: Phoenix Contexts

Phoenix contexts are modules that group associated functionality. To see how they work, we’ll build a simple blog with comments. This is a great episode for anyone new to Phoenix or wanting to see how contexts work.

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Alchemist's Edition

#76: Validating API Parameters Part 1

In this episode we’ll see how we can validate API parameters . We’ll take a simple search API and use schemaless Ecto changesets to validate the request parameters.

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#75: Upgrading to Phoenix 1.4

In this episode we’ll look at how we can upgrade a Phoenix application to use the new Phoenix 1.4 release.

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